Thursday, 18 February 2016

Generic Ork Meganobz

I see a model and I want to paint it black...

Painting Da Gild took a lot of time and patience so I took some rest in the process with three Meganobz in a simple Goff paint scheme.

As you see these are mostly alternative Kromlech Meganobz. I used GW heads to tie them better with the rest of the army. Only the last 'dwarf' one is kit-bashed. When I received them I understood that even Ghazzy will look too small so swapped the legs and hands with him — ending up with a huge warboss (still in the waiting-painting queue).

White facial warpaint was a last moment decision that added to the contrast of dark hulking mass of metal and pale flash of the wearer.

I've made this round-we-go just to figure out how it's done. Easy.

P.S. Me painjob looks better during night fightin'

Photos by: Denis Volkov & Maria Ustinovich.


  1. Very nice ones :)
    Kromlech meganobs have very stupid native faces so your conversion is more than justified.
    I have only one notice. The rust is too red for my taste :)

  2. BTW the photos are awesome :)

  3. Thanks! First comments are especially pleasant. Rust is actually Blazing (Troll Slayer) Orange with Seraphim Sepia wash — must be the color-correction that makes them look red — I will try to match it better in the following photos. Checked your blog — expect some Necromunda soonish.