Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Generic Ork Flash Gitz

All your teef are belong to us!

Ironically the first unit I've finished (apart from eyes, bloodstains and vegetation that will have to wait until the gloss) is one of the last additions to my collection. I have about eighty painted but unbased boyz and some other odd models. But as we decided on the basing scheme I didn't want to attend the mob straight away but rather finish a smaller unit as a test at basing.

Celebration soundtrack:

Da Gild

As I've mentioned in the previous post I'm working on an all-klan Ork army. Freebooters being a theme on its own I choose black-and-yellow for my Flash Gitz.

Da Gild (derived from Guild and Gold) — is a bunch of especially bad Bad Moons smugglers, teef-lenders and the like; arrogant bastards mocking other boyz with bad attitude, fancy gubbinz & gunz and being the first to show off here.


The kit is awesome with lots of small details character and assembly options. I decided to make them straight from the box without any conversions just avoiding outright 'piraty' bits. Assembling the gunz is a game in a game) Although Ork teknology is somewhat un-scientific I didn't want to end up with rockets being shot through energy or machine-gun muzzles so tried to make them look probable. Also if I hadn't my Nobz glued I'd prefer to swap the chest pieces as their better detailing is totally hidden behind the gunz and are a pain to paint preassembled.


Being Bad Moons these guys demanded a colourful and flash paint scheme, no rust — grots take care of the cleaning I presume. With hazard stripes and clothing bearing enough yellow I decided to make the accents (badges, armour and cybork parts) in gold — that's actually where Da Gild came from.

Photos for this post were made by a beautiful and creative tandem: Denis VolkovMaria Ustinovich. Guys have nothing to do with miniatures but do create their own pieces of art that are definitely worth to check out.

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