Saturday, 10 September 2016

My wife's a Snake(bite)

As any loving spouse of an addict my wife accepted yet didn't appreciate my LITTLE plastic hobby and especially didn't want to know much about it (which never stopped me from babbling about it anyways). That's besides cash and time going for this kind of infancy and escapism. Today I've got this for b-day and it hit the bullseye. Love you honey)

I wasn't planning on having weirdboys because I didn't particularly like any of their models both 40k and FB (and also because it meant mastering an extra phase and I'm a lame gamer). That was until I saw this sculpt.

As I've previously written I'm going for an all clan army; I have a small Gretchen mob led by a Snakebite runtherd (among the crowd waiting for photos) and I was thinking of adding some feral Orc based kommandos when I'm done with everything else — other than that I didn't know what I want to add to the klan.

This guy's crazed gaze told me he'll represent and lead me Snakebites. He went to the end of the que of ork-building hulk — I wasn't going to buy anything until I finish all the half made half painted Orks. She must have found about him herself from Max and Senya. Next stage will be getting her to play)

This is the first AoS plastics I've got my hands on and I must say he's pretty detailed and complex compared to proppa Orks and I love it. With my crooked-handed conversions and ugly painting I'm gonna turn him into something you'd wanna go round.

One love.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Intolerance Society Cawdor Gang

Slow update on old stuff — I have some projects in different stages of acceptable finishness for showing. This time painted Cawdor gang that I made  several years ago for a Necromunda campaign that I decided to arrange at a local hobby club as I really wanted to play it for a long time. I've got a decent dozen of players signed up with each House represented except for the House of Redemption so I decided to give them a try to cover the hole. Initially my least favourite House they truly gave me a lot of unexpected hobby satisfaction.