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Intolerance Society Cawdor Gang

Slow update on old stuff — I have some projects in different stages of acceptable finishness for showing. This time painted Cawdor gang that I made  several years ago for a Necromunda campaign that I decided to arrange at a local hobby club as I really wanted to play it for a long time. I've got a decent dozen of players signed up with each House represented except for the House of Redemption so I decided to give them a try to cover the hole. Initially my least favourite House they truly gave me a lot of unexpected hobby satisfaction.


Having Orks as the main army I lacked Imperial side experience that is focal for the 40K universe. Religious fanatics seemed to fit the role best.


Buying original minis already was an issue at that moment. Anyways I didn't really like original sculpts and wanted to make some unique models which I try to avoid with my Orks because of their numbers. When I started on them I decided to base them around Bretonian peasants adding some fitting cultists when they came out — not an original idea nowadays. All unoriginal capes sculpted by my friend.


Painting is my pain so I went with an easy/lazy approach: single layer plus wash. I couldn't avoid canonic Redemptionist color of fire but decided to use orange instead of commonly seen red and crimson. I've restricted the crusade color for capes and decided to go with subtle greyskale for the rest outfit to highlight modest lifestyle of Emprah-botherers.

Next are individual photos of the members of Intolerance Society.

Leaders, heavies, specialists

Originally my leader pastor Harris was killed in the first game with a lascannon shot in the chest. After that I started a new gang named 'Harris Society' with the same roster. Some time after the model represented one-eyed close combat specialist — who needs BS with a hand flamer? Small changes here — the guy got a few religious-looking trinkets and new weapons: chainsword is just a swap while the hand-flamer is my of own design as I wanted it to look as a weapon of Redemption: militia pistol + some space marine censor (probably Black Templar) + igniter from flamer. Check a small horn on a skull trophy — he used to be someone's kid.

This guy was originally my heavy that got captured during that same first game so he wasn't going back in the new gang and became my new much luckier leader pastor Carrigan. Chaos symbol was swapped with a skull from a purity seal. Flamer got its muzzle rounded and the canister swapped for a censor to emphasise the cleansing flame symbolism. Another one is a weapon reload.

Oooh, I love the way this guy turned out. Chaos symbol swapped for a hooded skull that is very Cawdorish — some Dark Angels accessory. Heavy bolter got a sinister looking muzzle with some saint's or heretic's remnants.


This one and a few next made from Bretonian peasants was among the first minis for this project (can't remember the exact order). Catachan boots added for a higher posture, bolt-pistol must be very precious for this fanatic as he fixed it to his collar. The axe was cut to sit lower and tighter in the hand.

Not much to add here — I really like the dynamics of the posture and a dangling censor to cover the stench of burning heretics, mutants and alike.

This one also got Catachan boots to make him more imposing. The strap was tight affair as I even made a metal ring that holds it. Note a small skull on the backpack that was simply carved from the small shield-crest originally hanging there.

Nothing special about this guy after the previous guys.

The gun was swapped for more seriously looking bolter, the backpack cut off and covered with a field altar, the mask was simplified to have just a two eye-slits. 'Faith' and 'Fire' tattoos added to make the model a bit more pious.

The reflection model was even simplier — same covering of a backpack and mask simplification.

Very simple conversion — with some carving the chemical booster on the back transformed into a flask. Head is half Bretonian half Catachan, goggles are from Space Marine Scouts.

No changes except for the hand-flamer here.


I wanted him to look like a juve — thus left the puny Bretoninan legs in place, the face is half Goblin (for the mask) half Eldar making him look way younger than the others. I've added quite a few trinkets and purity seals to highlight youngster's tendency to be fanatical and show off.

This last guy is the only original mini in the gang. Actually the sculpt is quite nice and he fits the gang quite perfectly (or rather the gang fits the original theme). He lacked a gun and left hand so I've made an autopistol from a lasgun and added a militia knife hand that looked as a twin for his right hand glove.

The whole gang photo to see how they look together. I know that a lot of people use cultist and quite few use Bretoninans for Cawdor (and Necro in general) still I love how these guys turned out looking both canonic and unique. Hope this will help someone — I feel one stone less on my back now that I've posted them.

Also I've made a carrying case for them from a cigar box:

That's it.

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