Saturday, 5 December 2015

Where’s the friggin’ bottom?

Welcome fellow hobbyists.

It’s always hard to start… and pretty darn overwhelming with so much to say — so my first post might come out kinda confusing.

My name is Alex and I stepped into this sticky mess of grim dark about eight years ago and ever since I’ve been haunted by lots of thoughts, ideas and projects that are dragging me deeper and deeper into it. I think anybody who's into this kind of hobby finds himself confused, lost or disappointed at some point for a number of reasons. I have found so much inspiration both in practice and philosophy of hobbying in blogs and forums that I decided staring a blog of my own could be a breath of fresh air for me too. I just had to start releasing my experience with this stuff and sharing it with the world as a feedback to all those artists that have inspired me.

Three friends of mine will update this blog (or 'bog') together with me — so we can stay in touch through our hobby and provide the readers with a steady flow of goodness. They will make some sort of introduction for themselves or just start posting stuff right away.

My posts will mostly cover my slowly growing army of 40k Orks, my Necromunda efforts (which I’m not the only one to consider the best game GW released), some odd stuff like Mordheim Dark Elf warband I am currently working on for the Lustria campaign as well as #therapy posts where I’ll be pouring out my concerns about different aspects of this hobby. Also you will see some of our collaboration posts — like terrain making, battle reports and hopefully even campaigns (which seems a far perspective right now).

I hope our experience will become an inspiration and motivation both for ourselves and for everyone who bothers to read us.

Phew, enough said for the first therapy session — I feel much better now.

P.S. This old & crappy photo of the first greenskin mini that I finished (must be four years since I bought my first box) must explain the way I feel.

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