Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Seems like a theme!

This #therapy post is my first attempt at putting the concept for my Ork army into words. It was enough for me to keep an idea or rather a feeling in my mind but I see this as an opportunity to crystallise it for myself and share my view on this aspect in a humble hope that it will help some poor soul.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Choosing an army... of greenskins

The spores are ripe

First post in the new year is a good occasion to announce a plan or commitment something:
I have lots but the one I want to dedicate this year is finishing all the Orks I have at the moment. I've been attending them with no strict plan or necessity irregularly and at random. I didn't want to feel pressure doing hobby and enjoyed it following mood and inspiration. I ended up having lots of almost/mostly/half finished models in decent numbers. The time has come to tidy things up and let the boys see some action!

Reasons to read a klom of text:
- you wonder what 40K army to choose;
- you consider choosing Orks;
- you give a damn why I chose Orks.